Thanksgiving Centerpiece Idea

A delicious and special meal should always be enjoyed on a well decorated table to include fresh pressed linens, shined silver, sparkling glassware, and a beautiful yet simple centerpiece. When creating or purchasing a centerpiece, it should either be low and broad or placed in a tall candelabra or vase with lots of volume on top. I recommend these styles for it allows for decor that does not interfere with conversation.

What I like most about the ┬ácenterpiece below is that it combines fresh vegetables (artichokes), succulents (which don’t require much water), and the rustic wood element. I’m creating centerpieces with height and color using gilded branches on top and fresh vegetables at the base. I’ll be sure to post photos soon.

I hope you’re inspired to created a centerpiece or possibly many arrangements for your guests to enjoy this holiday season. Remember, a beautiful warm and inviting home is more important than the food you serve. Make sure your environment and of course you, are welcoming to all who enter.