Welcome to my Kitchen and Pantry

Welcome to my kitchen! I thought I’d share with you all of the items that I have in my kitchen and pantry with the hopes of inspiring you to add to your pantry and help develop your weekly shopping list. This list is by no means exhaustive! Here you will find a list of items that I always have on hand, especially those items that don’t require refrigeration. You will notice that I only keep ice cream in my freezer (besides the fresh herbs that have been chopped and placed in homemade stock, then frozen using ice cub trays). You’ll also see that I buy meat/seafood on the day that I intend to cook it. The “weekly grocery list” includes items that I usually have on hand, but if for some reason I don’t, I can still get by without them. I provided direct links for specific brands that I prefer.

I try to buy from local farmers, patronize butcher shops and fish mongers instead of going to large grocery chains, and buy fresh bread (without preservatives) from my favorite bakery. Buying and cooking with fresh sustainable ingredients will change your life!  I may have missed an item or two, but this is what I came up with simply twirling around in my kitchen. In full disclosure, as much as I love my kitchen I am currently living with my parents in New York as I complete my dissertation. My parent’s have a double oven, an induction cook top and lots and lots and lots of counter space. I am actually enjoying their kitchen. 😉

My kitchen

My Kitchen in New Orleans


3 piece caldero set                          1 large heavy caldero 

large griddle                                      large sauce pan with lid

mortar and pestle set                    tortilla press 

tostones maker                                mandolin 

citrus squeezer                                empanada/dumpling press 

fryer                                                    large stock pot 

hand blender                                    Blender and/or Food processor 

wine bottle opener                          large glass measuring cup

set of plastic or metal measuring cups and spoons

digital scale                                      Any items you find at Sur la Table (my favorite store)


1 bunch bananas               4 lemons                     4 limes                       2 plantains

white potatoes                   yellow potatoes       yellow onions           1 red onion

scallions                              3 avocado                  organic carrots            large celery

bell peppers (green, red, orange, and yellow)

habanero or scotch bonnet peppers peppers

jalapeno peppers           whole peppercorns         fresh thyme             fresh rosemary

fresh mint                        fresh chado beni (culantro)                                fresh basil

whole garlic                     minced garlic in jar          sweet potatoes        roma tomatoes


coarse ground black pepper                  fine sea salt                         coarse kosher sea salt

ground cayenne pepper                          old bay seasoning             clear imitation vanilla

whole or ground cumin                           file powder                           ground saigon cinnamon

ground cinnamon                                      whole cinnamon sticks

ground cloves                                              whole cloves                        ground nutmeg

ground allspice                                            ground turmeric powder

ground ginger                                               ground dry mustard          ground sage

large bay leaves                                            chicken bouillon                beef bouillon

coconut powder                                          coconut milk                         tomato paste (in tube)

Worcestershire sauce                              Tamarind nectar


Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice cream 


2 lbs unsalted butter (2 boxes/8 sticks)

1/2 gallon 1% milk

1/2 gallon unsweetened soy milk

orange juice 

1 dozen large cage free/organic brown eggs

fat free plain greek yogurt (17.6 oz)

thick sliced bacon

Canadian bacon

ground turkey crumbles

feta cheese

Gruyere cheese


panko bread crumbs          Italian bread crumbs          plain brad crums

all purpose flour                   self rising flour                      whole wheat flour

cake flour                                 fine yellow cornmeal          fine white cornmeal

corn starch                              baking powder                        baking soda

light brown sugar                 dark brown sugar                  turbinado sugar

stevia raw sugar (substitute)                                                  agave nectar (light amber)

clover honey                         chicken stock                            beef stock

vegetable stock                    seafood stock                             fat free evaporated milk

brown or red rice                jasmine or basmati rice         dried red beans (kidney beans), black beans, pinto beans

dried yellow split peas      apple cider vinegar (Braggs)   white vinegar

quick grits                              “good” extra virgin olive oil    canola oil                grapeseed oil        nonstick cooking spray

coconut oil                             sliced almonds                               saltfish (salted cod)


nutella                                chunky peanut butter                               almond butter

seedless blackberry jam            seedless strawberry jam            peach-mango preserves 

1-minute rolled oats                   old fashioned rolled oats             steel cut oats

cream of rice                                  cream of wheat                                fresh french bread                seeded rye bread

quinoa (white, red, or black)   fresh pasta                                        “good” balsamic vinegar 

curry powder spice blend        heirloom tomatoes                          purple potatoes

fingerling potatoes                       pineapple


I buy meat and seafood the days that I plan to cook them. I usually purchase similar items every week:

organic free range whole chicken

grass fed ground chuck or pacific salmon

fresh mussels, oysters, or clams

fresh gulf shrimp

Please share your story or thoughts with me!

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