Wild Game Butchering The Way Our Ancestors Did in Plantation Days

This is AMAZING!!!! This is true narrative sharing through cooking! This man is doing what I wish I could. Absolutely amazing!!


I asked my colleague Chef Harold Caldwell to write about the process of butchering wild game in the colonial and antebellum periods. This is a real treat full of detail about how our Ancestors survived. Our forefathers and foremothers made the original “soul food,” from the ingredients around them: squirrels, possums, raccoons, rabbits, groundhog, eels, catfish, bass, trout, suckers, sturgeons, deer, rail, snipe, partridges, grouse and wild turkey. They made it all taste good because they had to. We know that but we aren’t too sure about how it was all done. Lucky for you Chef Harold and I are preserving this knowledge, and I’m pleased to share this excellent essay he has prepared with you.


The colonial and antebellum periods were a time in history where most people survived from the land. But land wasn’t the only source for food. Nourishment also came from oceans, bays, lakes, and rivers.

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