Hudutu (Garifuna Soup Recipe)

This is not my recipe, actually it’s a video. I’m posting it because the chef’s cooking style, inspiration, and approach to food are very similar to my own: using fresh ingredients and using familial recipes in order to share great food and God’s love with others! Many of the ingredients used in hudutu are typically found in my pantry. I may just try this recipe one day soon. Or since New Orleans has one of the largest Garifuna and Honduran populations outside of Honduras, maybe I can get one of many Garifuna church members to create it for me (smile). You too probably have much of the equipment at home too. I know that you at least have this item. Try making a batch today! Let me know how it turns out! In the mean time please share with me some of your favorite familial or cultural recipes in the comments section below!




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