Green Seasoning (Homemade green sofrito)

green seasoning 1

Green seasoning also known as sofrito is a fresh seasoning used in the English, Spanish, and French speaking Caribbean/Americas (North, Central, and South America). It is the perfect base for rice, beans, stews, and great for a starter marinade for meat (add white wine, lime juice, roasted cumin/geera for a perfect marinade for meat) I use this seasoning on all baked chicken, on chicken used for currying, some pork dishes, etc.. Puerto Ricans add aji dulce (small sweet peppers which look like habaneros but they are not spicy) and bell peppers to their sofrito. Although I like those ingredients, my Trinidadian Tanti taught me how to make green seasoning so I usually leave those items out.

green seasoning 2

Allow me to introduce you to my favorite fresh seasoning! The photo above pictures culantro also known as chadon beni (or coriander in Mexico), not to be confused with cilantro. While cilantro has a soapy dishwater taste (in my opinion), culantro is flavorful with a strong flavor, which I can only describe as flavorful cilantro without the “soapy” taste. Great paired with onions and tomatoes, and served with steamed fish.

green seasoning 3

Green seasoning can be made in advance and kept in a glass jar in the refrigerator.


10-20 cloves of garlic peeled

2 bunches culantro (stems removed)

2 bunches scallions/green onions (2 inches of tops removed and bottom “stems”)

1 bunch of fresh thyme (removed from stems)

1/3 cup (olive) oil

1/3 cup water (more may be needed if too “chunky”/thick)

1/2 tablespoon salt


Blend all items in food processor using pulse button. Add more water to thin out, if needed. Seasoning should appear like “salsa”, not too thin nor chunky. 

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