“Fresh” Fruit Salad



Often we cut up fresh fruit and call it a fruit salad. Although it is indeed fresh and delicious, wouldn’t it be nice to add more flavor to it? I found the perfect way to “freshen up” my fruit salad and alter the flavor profile:

1. Add fresh mint. Adding fresh mint to your fruit salad adds color and great depth of flavor.

2. Make a simple fruit-vanilla flavored simple syrup such as orange vanilla, by boiling a cup of sugar, a cup of orange juice (preferably fresh squeezed), orange zest, and fresh vanilla beans (or extract). Boil, stirring often. Once cooled, pour over fresh fruit. Try different simple syrup flavors for an alternative to enhance your fruit salad profile.

From now on, when asked to bring a dish to your book club or meeting surprise attendees with this fresh twist on fruit salad!

Please share your story or thoughts with me!

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